Package byucc.jhdl.Xilinx.Virtex.Modules

Class Summary
arrayMult Variable width array multiplier with the option of signed or unsigned multiply and generic pipeline depth.
booth General Description
delay Generic Delay Line
downcnt A generic sized down counter
DS2Pconv Created: 3/2002
DSMult Created: 1/2002
Equals Parameterizable module for creating a bit-wise comparator.
KCMMult Created: 12/2000
Mux implements and arbitrary -width and -height mux, optimized to use all of the Virtex internal mux primitives.
mux41 Class used by the TechMapper.
mux81 Class used by the TechMapper.
P2DSconv Created: 3/2002
ParellelDSMult Created: 1/2002
Priority Outputs only the most significant '1' of the input.
PriorityEncoder encodes the input value, prioritizing the bits by MSB has highest priority.
ramrom Generic Ram or Rom generator
ReversePriorityEncoder encodes the input value, prioritizing the bits by LSB has highest priority.
S2Pconv Created: 3/2002
Shifter Class used by the TechMapper.
srl_array Deprecated. use SRLArray
SRLArray General Description
SRLFifo arbitrary-width, arbitrary depth FIFO based on shift registers (SRL16).
upcnt General Description

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