Class LoadClassCommand

  extended bybyucc.jhdl.apps.Tbone.LoadClassCommand
All Implemented Interfaces:
CLIClassComplete, CLICommand

public class LoadClassCommand
extends java.lang.Object
implements CLICommand, CLIClassComplete

This class is a CLICommand used to load a class for Tbone.

This cli command is only available to designs without a test bench in which the generic test bench Tbone will be used. This command loads a class into Tbone and builds Tbonethe first time and then it calls the load Tbone.loadNewClass() if Tbone is allready built. .

When loading a class for Tbone: Tbone will only work if the class to be loaded has a cell interface that has the same number of ports and the number of wires in the first constructor.

Field Summary
static int OVERLOAD
Constructor Summary
LoadClassCommand(Tbone myTb)
Method Summary
 java.lang.Object execute(CLInterpreter interp, java.lang.String[] argv)
 java.lang.String getHelpText(java.lang.String cmdName)
 java.lang.String getHelpType(java.lang.String cmdName)
 java.lang.String getUsageText(java.lang.String cmdName)
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Field Detail


public static final int OVERLOAD
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Constructor Detail


public LoadClassCommand(Tbone myTb)
Method Detail


public java.lang.Object execute(CLInterpreter interp,
                                java.lang.String[] argv)
                         throws CLIException
Specified by:
execute in interface CLICommand


public java.lang.String getHelpText(java.lang.String cmdName)
Specified by:
getHelpText in interface CLICommand


public java.lang.String getHelpType(java.lang.String cmdName)
Specified by:
getHelpType in interface CLICommand


public java.lang.String getUsageText(java.lang.String cmdName)
Specified by:
getUsageText in interface CLICommand

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