Package byucc.jhdl.apps.util

Interface Summary
PropertiesDialogComponent Helper interface to pass around information on properties.
SimulatorThreadListener A SimulatorThreadListener may be added to a SimulatorThread after it is create, but before it is started.

Class Summary
ClockThread This thread should be used from GUIs to execute steps or cycles of the simulator.
Properties This class provides a central location for storing and retrieving global properties for CVT-related applications and components.
PropertiesDialog This class may be used by any component to help manage properties associated with the byucc.jhdl.apps.util.Properties class.
Reflection Class to assist in the some of the reflection work done by classes such as Stimulator and DynamicTestBench
SimulatorThread This abstract class is subclassed by StimulatorThread and ClockThread.
SwingWorker This class was obtained from Sun.

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