Class ExternalUpdateManager

  extended bybyucc.jhdl.base.ExternalUpdateManager

public class ExternalUpdateManager
extends java.lang.Object

Object to manage the external update of a jhdl design Right now we are considering two different types of updates 1) updates from checkpointing. a file is written that contains circuit values 2) updates from hardware platform.

Method Summary
 int findOutputValue(ExternallyUpdateable cCell)
          Deprecated. No longer used, ExternallyUpdatable#fetchState() used instead
 void readStateFromHardware(int steps)
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Method Detail


public int findOutputValue(ExternallyUpdateable cCell)
Deprecated. No longer used, ExternallyUpdatable#fetchState() used instead

Just a helper method to find the output port of the current cell and get the value of its output wire


public void readStateFromHardware(int steps)
ReadState. Update the state of the system via a hardware platform update the simulation system based on the values provided from the platform

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