Interface ExternallyUpdateable

All Known Implementing Classes:
dff_dp, dffe_dp, dffr_dp, dffre_dp, dffs_dp, dffse_dp, fd, fd, fd, fd, fd_1, fd_1, fd_1, fd_1, fdc, fdc, fdc, fdc_1, fdc_1, fdc_1, fdc_1, fdce, fdce, fdce, fdce, fdce_1, fdce_1, fdce_1, fdce_1, fdcp, fdcp, fdcp, fdcp_1, fdcp_1, fdcpe, fdcpe, fdcpe, fdcpe_1, fdcpe_1, fde, fde, fde, fde, fde_1, fde_1, fde_1, fde_1, fdp, fdp, fdp, fdp_1, fdp_1, fdp_1, fdp_1, fdpe, fdpe, fdpe, fdpe, fdpe_1, fdpe_1, fdpe_1, fdpe_1, fdr, fdr, fdr, fdr_1, fdr_1, fdr_1, fdr_1, fdre, fdre, fdre, fdre_1, fdre_1, fdre_1, fdre_1, fdrs, fdrs, fdrs, fdrs, fdrs_1, fdrs_1, fdrs_1, fdrs_1, fdrse, fdrse, fdrse, fdrse, fdrse_1, fdrse_1, fdrse_1, fdrse_1, fds, fds, fds, fds_1, fds_1, fds_1, fds_1, fdse, fdse, fdse, fdse_1, fdse_1, fdse_1, fdse_1, ftcp, ifddrcpe, ifddrrse, ifdx, ifdx, ifdx, ifdx, ifdxi, ifdxi, ifdxi, ifdxi, Memory, Memory_1, ofddrtcpe, ofddrtrse, ofdx, ofdx, ofdx, ofdx, tera_dff

public interface ExternallyUpdateable

This interface is used to put the information from a readback back into the cell.

Brad L. Hutchings

Method Summary
 int fetchState()
          Gets the current state of the object
 void updateState(int update_value)
          Updates the state of the object at the given value

Method Detail


public void updateState(int update_value)
Updates the state of the object at the given value

update_value - the value to update


public int fetchState()
Gets the current state of the object

the objects state

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