Class Util

  extended bybyucc.jhdl.base.Util

public class Util
extends java.lang.Object

A set of utility routines.

Brad L. Hutchings

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static boolean isLegalJHDLIdentifier(java.lang.String str)
          Used to check if an identifier is a legal JHDL user identifier.
static java.lang.String makeLegalJHDLIdentifier(java.lang.String str)
          Converts an arbitrary string into a legal JHDL name.
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Constructor Detail


public Util()
Method Detail


public static boolean isLegalJHDLIdentifier(java.lang.String str)
Used to check if an identifier is a legal JHDL user identifier. This method only accepts identifiers with a leading letter, followed by any number of alphanumeric characters and non-consecutive underscores (_). JHDL defaults to case-sensitivity, but that can be changed with Nameable.caseSensitivity(boolean). JHDL names accept Unicode.

str - the string being checked.
true if name is a legal user identifier, false otherwise.


public static java.lang.String makeLegalJHDLIdentifier(java.lang.String str)
Converts an arbitrary string into a legal JHDL name. The resulting string begins with a letter, and contains only alphanumeric characters and non-consecutive underscores (_). This method supports Unicode strings.

The conversion rules are as follows: Any character that is not alphanumeric is replaced by an underscore (_). Consecutive underscores are reduced to a single underscore. If the resulting string begins with an underscore followed by a letter, the leading underscore is removed. In all other cases where the result does not begin with a letter, the string "jhdl_" is prepended to the result. Case sensitivity is preserved.

Examples: "My name-1" becomes "My_name_1", "__test__" becomes "test_", null becomes "jhdl_", and "1hot/control.bit[1]" becomes "jhdl_1hot_control_bit_1_".

str - the string to be converted
a valid JHDL name, converted from str according to the description

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