Class EnumerationIterator

  extended bybyucc.jhdl.synth.graph.VectorIterator
      extended bybyucc.jhdl.synth.graph.EnumerationIterator
All Implemented Interfaces:
GenericIterator, IndexedIterator
Direct Known Subclasses:
HashtableElementsIterator, HashtableKeysIterator

public class EnumerationIterator
extends VectorIterator

An object to allow the IndexedIterator methods to be used on an Enumeration. When a new EnumerationIterator is constructed all elements of the enumeration will be consumed and copied into a local data structure which can be iterated. (For this reason, the Enumeration passed in should be of finite size so that the constructor does no go into an infinite loop.)

Carl Worth

Constructor Summary
EnumerationIterator(java.util.Enumeration e)
          Construct a new EnumerationIterator from an Enumeration.
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Constructor Detail


public EnumerationIterator(java.util.Enumeration e)
Construct a new EnumerationIterator from an Enumeration. This constructor will consume all elements of e, so there should be a finite number of elements, unless you were wanting to cause an inifinite loop.

e - An Enumeration that will be copied into a local structure that will allow iteration.

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