Class HashtableElementsIterator

  extended bybyucc.jhdl.synth.graph.VectorIterator
      extended bybyucc.jhdl.synth.graph.EnumerationIterator
          extended bybyucc.jhdl.synth.graph.HashtableElementsIterator
All Implemented Interfaces:
GenericIterator, IndexedIterator

public class HashtableElementsIterator
extends EnumerationIterator

An object to allow using the IndexedIterator methods on all elements in a Hashtable.

Carl Worth

Constructor Summary
HashtableElementsIterator(java.util.Hashtable h)
          Construct a new HashtableElementsIterator from a Hashtable.
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Constructor Detail


public HashtableElementsIterator(java.util.Hashtable h)
Construct a new HashtableElementsIterator from a Hashtable.

h - A Hashtable with elements to bbe iterated.

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