Class EqSynthesizer

  extended bybyucc.jhdl.synth.operators.LogicSynthesizer
      extended bybyucc.jhdl.synth.operators.EqSynthesizer
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class EqSynthesizer
extends LogicSynthesizer

A class responsible for efficiently synthesizing eq operators in a DataFlowGraph. This class extends LogicSynthesizer.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Wire createCell(Logic parent, DFVertex operator, Wire[] inputWires)
          Create a cell from the given DFVertex operator.
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Constructor Detail


public EqSynthesizer()
Method Detail


public Wire createCell(Logic parent,
                       DFVertex operator,
                       Wire[] inputWires)
Create a cell from the given DFVertex operator. This method will create the appropriate cell with parent as its parent and input wires from inputWires. It will return a new wire created for the output. The new cell should implement the function defined by operator.getOperation()

Specifically, EqSynthesizer looks for a 1-bit constant as one of its inputs and creates either a wire or an inverter. If neither input is a 1-bit constant, then EqSynthesizer will throw an exception.

Specified by:
createCell in interface OperatorSynthesizer
createCell in class LogicSynthesizer
operator - an operator in a DataFlowGraph specifying the operation to be performed by the new cell.
inputWires - The input wires for this operator (ignored)
the output wire of the newly created cell.

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