Package byucc.jhdl.util.xmac

Class Summary
BoolGen BoolGen is the java replacement to the perl script boolgen.
BoolGenParser This class parses the primitives tag in the boolgen config file.
ClassParser This class processes the class tag of the xmac document.

The tag form is as follows:

ClockParser Parse the clock tag.
CodeParser Parse the user defined code segments.
ConstructorParser Parse the constructor tag.

The tag form is as follows:

DocInfo This class is essentially a container for frequently used data.
DocumentMaker This class creates a DOM document from an input XML file.
InterfaceParser Parse the interface tag.
JavadocParser Parse the javadoc tag.
LicenseParser Parse the license tag.
MethodParser This class processes the guts of the method tags, such as: clock, propagate, etc.
PackageParser Parse the package tag.
ParserVersion Check the Version of the XML parser.
PropagateParser Parse the Propagate tag.
ResetParser Parse the reset tag.
SchematicParser Parse the schematic tag.
SharecellParser Parse the sharecell tag.
StructureParser Parse the structure tag.
TagParser This is the generic xmac tag parser.
TestParser Process the <test> tag.

An example of using this tag for a simple buffer might be:
   0, 0
   0, 0
   1, 1
   1, 1

Each input and output gets one entry in the order they are declared in the port interface.
TextParser Parse all the text and cdata nodes in the document.
WireInfo This class essentially contains all the port and wire info for a xmac document.
WireMethodsParser This class processes the get, put, and not tag.
WireParser Parse the wire tag.
XMAC This class implements a replacement for the old JMAC program written in perl.
XMACParser This class is the main processing engine for the xmac system.

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